Limited Scope

A great alternative for those who want to save money and still have legal representation is to hire an attorney to represent you on a limited-scope basis; a single or specified set of matters.  For example, you may only need help with a custody matter. By hiring an attorney on a limited-scope basis they can appear for you for that matter only.


Do you need help with obtaining or responding to discovery? The discovery process can be a daunting task. That's why hiring Jeanette to help you on a limited-scope basis is a great option.  After all, filing and serving subpoenas, obtaining a registered photocopier, and staying on top of deadlines can all be very overwhelming when you don't have the experience. It can be very time consuming and almost feel like a full time job.


At one point or another during the divorce or legal separation process, people often ask themselves if the cost of hiring an attorney on a limited-scope basis outweighs the stress and anxiety they are experiencing trying to do it all alone. Hiring Jeanette as your limited scope attorney can make your life so much easier. 


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